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Announcement of Online Election & AGM 2023

Dear A-PBA Members,

This year is the election for the position of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two Honorary Auditors.

The following is the schedule for the Online Election.

Schedule of Online Election 2023

Target schedule of Activities & Action to be Taken 2023
Mass Mailing Announcing the AGM & Online Re-Election 22 nd September 2023
Nomination date for the following positions:
a) Vice President
b) Secretary
c) Treasurer
d) Auditor 1
e) Auditor 2
22 nd September 2023 to st October 2023
Acceptance/ Declining of Nomination 2 nd October 2023 to 8 th October 2023
Online Voting 9 th October 2023 to 18 th October 2023
Vote Counting with Honorary Auditors 19 th October 2023 Thursday 3-4pm (Singapore Time) Via Zoom meeting platform
Annual General Meeting
a) Confirmation of Election Result
9 th November 2023 Time: 5-7pm (Singapore Time)

Important Notice:

Members must renew their annual membership to be eligible to be nominated and to vote. Kindly log in to the APBA Website to make a payment of SGD30.00 (approx. USD22.00) to renew your annual membership.

Kindly login to the A-PBA website at:


  1. Login as A-PBA member (member icon at top righthand corner of A-PBA homepage) using your registered Email and password.
    * If you have forgotten your password, please click on forgot password to reset your password.
  2. Upon login, please click on Subscription to renew your membership (if you have not) in order to proceed with the online nomination/ voting.
  3. Click on member nomination/ voting tab
  4. Click on position you want to nominate/ vote
  5. Choose name from the dropdown list
  6. Click “confirm” button to submit

Playing your part as A-PBA member

Should you encounter any difficulty in renewing your membership, please contact us at : secretariat@a-pba.org

Secretariat Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association

c/o Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, 1 Research Link National University of Singapore, Singapore 117604 Website: www.a-pba.org

Thanks & Regards
A-PBA Secretariat

Announcement of Online Election & AGM 2023

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