Announcement of Online Voting & AGM 2020

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Dear APBA Members,

The Year 2020 has been a very challenging year for our global community.

Today, after 10 months since the outbreak of Covid-19 that became a pandemic, many countries are still struggling to fight and contain the pandemic.

We are sad to see that more than 1.1 million people have died and 40 million people have been infected and still counting.

This pandemic has affected the conduct of activities at all levels from businesses to personal life style. Many has lost their job and the global economy is badly affected.

By tradition, APBA has always conducted our Annual Conference and AGM together in different countries every year. Due to the pandemic and travel restriction, the EXCO, in a recent meeting, decided to postpone our 2020 annual conference to next year 2021.

APBA is registered under the Laws of Singapore governed by the Registry of Societies (ROS) that APBA has to comply with the requirements of ROS.

The ROS has made provisions to allow AGM of many organizations to be postponed to a later date due to the pandemic.

However, in consultation with the EXCO and guidance given by the Singapore Registrar of Society (ROS), the EXCO has decided to hold the AGM before the end of the year.

As such, below is the proposed schedule of the Online Voting and the AGM via Zoom meeting on 12 December 2020.

Schedule of Online Voting & AGM 2020

Target schedule of Activities & Action to be Taken


Mass Mailing Announcing the AGM & Online Voting

20 Oct 2020

Nomination date for the following positions:
a) Vice President

b) Secretary

c) Treasurer

d) Auditor 1 (confirmation of selection during online AGM)

e) Auditor 2 (confirmation of selection during online AGM)

21 Oct – 9 Nov 2020

(3 weeks)

Acceptance/ Declining of Nomination

10 Nov – 18 Nov

(9 Days)

Online Election period

19 Nov – 9 Dec

(3 weeks)

Online Annual General Meeting (AGM)

a) Confirmation of Election Result

b) Selection of Auditor 1 and Auditor 2

c) APBA AGM agenda will be announced later

12 December



Members must renew their annual membership to be eligible to be nominated and to vote. Kindly log in to the APBA Website to make a payment of SGD30.00 (approx.. USD22.00) to renew your annual membership.

Kindly login to the A-PBA website at :

  1. Login as A-PBA member (member icon at top right hand corner of A-PBA homepage) using your registered Email and password.
    * If you have forgotten your password, please click on forgot password to get an automated password send to your registered email. You can then use the automated password to login (you can change the password later at Profile page after login).

  2. Upon login, please update your country and please click on Subscription to renew your membership (if you have not) in order to proceed with the online nomination/ voting.
  3. Click on member nomination/ voting tab
  4. Click on position you want to nominate/ vote
  5. Choose name from the dropdown list
  6. Click “confirm” button to submit.

Playing your part as A-PBA member

Thank you

A-PBA Secretariat

Should you encounter any difficulty in renewing your membership, please contact us at :


Secretariat Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association

c/o Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, 1 Research Link National University of Singapore, Singapore 117604